I see people all the time who question why someone would ever need a boudoir session.

“They’re expensive. I can take my own nudes. No one is ever going to see them anyway.” Sure, all of these things can be true but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some serious benefits of a boudoir session with the right photographer.

1. It’s a self-esteem boost

Nothing is better than the ability to see yourself the way that others see you. I have so many people who come in and say that their significant other requested it. Or that they just went through a break-up and want a reminder that they’re gorgeous and deserve pampering and respect. I’m so into that. There’s no wrong reason for a boudoir session if you want one. I always thought “I just don’t photograph well.” Then I went and had my photos taken (by a photographer who is unfortunately no longer in business) and holy shit. It was me. I looked gorgeous. Sure, I didn’t love every single frame and I honestly did pick myself apart in private a bit, but who gives a shit? The fact that I loved any was an honest surprise to me and I loved them so. damn. much.

Benefits of a boudoir session - Portrait of Good Bodies

2. It’s a great gift

Look, did I get a boudoir session done technically for my husband? Yes. Did he not even see them until he logged onto twitter and got a notification from them blowing up? Also yes. My bad.

The point is, I have seen these photos go over as great gifts for spouses, for yourself, & for whoever else you think might want to be blessed by a photo of dat ass.

Pro tip: Albums make amazing wedding day gifts, wall prints make good gifts for yourself, & grabbing your entire digital collection can feel a little just like winning the lotto.

3. It can be an amazing bonding activity

I know what you’re thinking. Boudoir is solo. Sure, it can be, but it can also be a couple’s activity in more than one way. Maybe things are dead in the bedroom, but then bam you show up at home with a nice album full of professional, sassy photos. Your partner? FLOORED.

“Wow what a thoughtful gift”

But wait, let me take it one step further.

You can come in together. Yep, I mean it. I can even come to you. I’m not great at affection, but you best believe that a situation in which we’d get to cuddle up, in our undies and just give ourselves a way to connect? It would feel amazing.

In Home Kansas City Boudoir Session

4. It’s Therapeutic

You show up, you’re put in a chair and immediately put into hair and make-up. It’s a weekday morning, you didn’t have to go to work, and the birds are singing. Your photographer? Loves to dance to Lizzo. Loves to hear all the hot gossip. Loves to yell “yaaaaasss” behind the camera while you execute Tyra Banks’s patented booty tooch. It’s a stress free few hours. Who doesn’t need one of those?

5. You’re helping other women

Okay, hear me out. I know it sounds a little weird, but any time someone allows me to post the photos from their boudoir session? I get at least 2-3 messages and a solid inquiry from someone else who saw your bravery and gained their own.

It’s amazing every single time I get a message.
“I’ve never seen a body type like mine celebrated.”

Or, “My friend had her session done and I loved her images and I just want to look and feel like that.”

That makes me feel incredible.

So, what are you waiting for?

Finally, t’s time to Treat. Yo. Self.

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