The best way to rock your boudoir session is to be prepared.
Here are 5 things to know before you book.

5 Things to Know Before your Boudoir Session

  1. Good lingerie does not automatically mean expensive lingerie! I send out a guide before all of my sessions with a plethora of places to shop, but some of my favorite places are CONSTANTLY running sales. Here’s a couple of my favorite off the top of my head: Forever 21, Fredericks of Hollywood, & Fashion Nova. All three of these places have plus sizes as well as more mainstream sizing.
  2. No one expects you to lose “the weight”. I know for sure the sentiment is the same for any boudoir photographer worth their salt. However, as a body positive boudoir studio, I don’t just speak this. I preach it. Until it oozes into your pores. You will come as you are. If “as you are” means 50 pounds above goal weight? Fuck it. It doesn’t matter. You are beautiful as you are and if the thought even crossed your mind, you’re ready. You should remember this time as it is because it obviously means something to you.

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3. Couples boudoir is fun as hell. A lot of people think it would be awkward or think that adding another person makes it “porn”. Well guess what? That ain’t true. If your partner is into this and you think this would be a fun experience, E-MAIL ME. It can be as intimate or as tame and demure as you want it to be. These shoots are yours for the taking.

4. Boudoir sessions can be draining. I make your ass crawl all over. You’re getting up and down and doing twirls and yoga poses you didn’t think you were capable of. Not only that but sometimes people get really emotional being vulnerable and naked with another human being. It’s natural. So get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did. Basically.

5. Don’t let the money scare you. You may not believe me but I’m broke. Student loans ain’t no joke and I have a dog with more health problems than you can even imagine. (No, seriously… I just spent $1k on tests just to find out she’s fine). If boudoir is a priority for you, we can make it work. We can put together a monthly payment plan! We can play around with numbers. In fact… Most people who book with me choose to pre-pay for a few months so that it doesn’t feel quite as big and you can take your stuff home right after. When the rush is still high. You know exactly what your budget is so don’t let anyone bully you, but I’m definitely here to help.

5 Things to Know Before you Book your Boudoir Session

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