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For years I've been adjusting my focus and asserting my mission that boudoir should be fun and approachable for anyone who is interested.

Body Positive boudoir
based in Kansas City

you're going
to be amazing!

On a whim one day I invited a friend over and photographed her in my living room in a royals jersey and some cute panties. I was hooked. I dedicated so much time, energy, and education into photographing boudoir. Then, I found out why the hell I was doing this. To celebrate these people. To give them a mirror into how their loved ones see them.

Since I've started this, I've changed so much. I've learned to twerk often and unprompted, I've found myself having topless conversations without batting an eyelash, & my own view of the world and our bodies has shifted astronomically.

I used to think if you were a certain weight you had to look and act a certain way. However, the more I did this, the more I realized that all bodies were good bodies.

I'm Tay, the HBIC of Good Bodies. I adore you already.

ceo & professional nude taker

Barbara can tell your star sign after a 10 minute conversation with you and loves reading people for filth on the internet.



Emily's really into EDM, trips to Colorado and freeing the nip currently. Ask her about her ring collection.



Nicki has mastered the art of adorable selfies, loves books and dogs, & posts about living life with her partner



Meet the Good Bodies Ambassador group. They're around to ask questions about sessions with me. They can help with outfit changes, nerves, and they are a more accessible way to book. They'll be up front, honest, and when you talk to them, they'll help you find ways to save money on your session.

Feel free to follow them on instagram (handles below their photos) or @ them in the VIP Facebook Group. Looking to be an ambassador? Positions open up every 6 months! Look out for opportunities there!


A body positive boudoir studio located in the historic west bottoms in KC.

good bodies boudoir