LISTEN. I have a ton of badasses come through my doors. There are a lot of service industry workers, there have been librarians, social workers, but holy shit when Tammy reached out and told mewhat she does for a living, I was into it. Who wouldn’t love seeing a construction babe boudoir session, plus what a better person to celebrate than one in such a freaking male dominated field?!

Tammy has one of the most amazing senses of humor I’ve ever gotten to work with and she is so self-assured and amazing. We were laughing the entire time and it was a great session to be my last one before quarantine.

Maybe I would’ve savored the moment a little more had I known. *insert a wistful ass sigh here*

Once our labs open back up she’s getting a 8×12 of her favorite photo, her fully gallery and a 10×10 Album that has been one of my favorite to design. We know I’m all about boobs and belly, but Tammy brought it. She had the perfect lingerie to accentuate, not hide. Plus, she reminded me that I should buy more from Lane Bryant! Their lingerie is so cute and they had some styles that weren’t trying to hide boobs or belly either!

Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

I loved how open and positive Tay is and how she works hard at showing you the beauty of yourself.

What was your favorite part about your session?

Feeling like I just met some of the best girlfriends I always wanted.

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Construction Babe Boudoir – Tammy

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