What if I told you that Sara was the literal embodiment of a sexy librarian?

I know that sounds wild, but hear me out. We were able to convey that in this floral lingerie session that was powered by Amazon (I know right). These pieces were some of the most unique and beautiful outfits I’ve ever seen. There were no book props, glasses, etc. needed. (Except, Sara does need glasses to see but that’s neither here nor there)

The minute she told me she was a librarian my jaw freaking dropped. Not only is she cute as hell, but I’ve always considered the librarian route. It’s rare I get to meet someone who loves books enough to do it. Schooling for a librarian is long and difficult, but it’s such a cool skill.

Sara originally reached out for photos for her boyfriend for Hanukah. I’ve been told he’s a scarcity on the internet, so I figured I’d give y’all a peek in the meantime. Her entire vibe gave me inspo for a totally new approach to my work and I’ve never felt revitalized.

There’s always those clients who come in and know exactly what to do with their hands. They can part their lips and twist their bodies the perfect way and it is such an inspiration. It means I can play and do different things that sometimes is hard for other clients.

So buckle up, take in these images and I’ll link you to both sets!
Pink Set
Black & White

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Floral Amazon Lingerie Session – Sara

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