I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Get nude, KC! Boudoir sessions are all about you. This is true. So, shouldn’t that mean you want to bare it all? Believe me, I know that the idea of getting naked with someone you know is terrifying. Why? Because I did it.

Let me tell you what I see happen every time someone decides to get nude in my studio.

They become a totally different person. All of a sudden, they are feeling themselves. We dance, we shake it out, and I’ll give you a million ways to cover (or not) depending on our comfort levels.

My husband’s a never nude. So maybe this will never be your cup of tea, that’s FINE, but if you’re maybe even considering it, let’s fucking do it!

Check out some babes who decided to do it and get MOTIVATED.

Okay fine, here’s a bonus one of me. I’ll put my money where my nudes are.

how boudoir healed me

Get Nude KC | 15 Photos that will convince you to get nude for your boudoir session

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