Baring your soul to a stranger can be intimidating, sure. Did you also know that it can be liberating as hell? It’s amazing when you find someone whose views align with yours, who photographs people who look like you, and who you feel you can connect to.

The folx all over these pages have chosen me to photograph and tell their stories. It’s nothing I take lightly.

I’m here to photograph the bellies, the booty dimples, the stretch marks. Everything that makes you exactly who you are.

a personalized photo experience

1-on-1 consult where we discuss your session
Professional Hair & Make-up
Access to client closet with 150+ pieces (S-5X)
Personalized reveal session
Custom products
- Albums 
- Wall Art
- Glass Display print Boxes
Customized 3-6 month payment plans

your session fee - $500

My average customer spends $3500.

Payment plans are available + we accept PayPal Credit

Absolutely not. Any photos that are shared on this website have been shared with explicit permission from my clients. When you book, you have several options as far as what I do and do not share with the public. Could be everything, could be nothing, could be something in-between.

I see a lot of naked people. Do I have to share my images?

I can’t even count the reasons, but it’s definitely different for every person. Some people do it because it is empowering to them, some people do it as a gift, some people do it to celebrate themselves. I do it every year as a gift to myself and because I want to put my money where my mouth is.

Why do people do this?

Yes, yes, and more yes. Not only do I pose you from head to toe, but for most poses, I get into it first so you can see exactly how it is done. We’ll go over the basics before we start so you have all the confidence in the world and you’ll see how easy it is.

I have no idea how to pose! Do you help?

It’s all complimentary, so there’s no money to be saved here! I also suggest you use my in-house artist as she knows what photographs best and has been working with me for years and years. We’re a perfectly oiled machine.

Can I save money by using my own hair & make-up artist?

Hell yeah I do! I have currently 150+ pieces of lingerie in the Client Closet and they range from sizes S-4X. I am constantly adding pieces because I cannot stop buying. I sanitize outfits between each use and will soon be cataloging the outfits I have to make it easy for you to know exactly what I have in stock!

Do you have lingerie I can wear? I don’t own any and don’t really want to.

Black Friday is the only sale I run every year unless I have a new idea I want to try in the studio. However, I also give discounts if a friend refers you, so if a client brought you my way, give them a shout out! The more sessions you refer, the more money you get from me as well. Make me make you rich! I love doing it.

This is expensive! How can I get a session for less?

"Tay is incredible! She makes you feel so comfortable, confident and like you are hanging out with your best friend! The studio space is beautiful and her work speaks for itself. Absolutely will be booking again."

"Absolutely will be booking again"

"Tayanna is talented, supportive, and approachable. I felt comfortable and confident in front of her and her camera. I had the most amazing experience and would highly recommend Good Bodies!"

"I had the most amazing experience!"

"We discussed my vision for the vibe of my shoot and she totally elevated it. She made me feel instantly at ease, no small feat when you're in your underwear. She has an incredible ability to make you feel seen and understood. The images she captures will make you feel more beautiful, more confident. more badass than you ever thought you could. The way she works with light is incredible. I cannot recommend her more strongly."

"Tayanna is a rock star"

Client Praise

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