Madee is my incredible Makeup Artist (MUA) who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past two years.

She somehow manages to be an incredible parent and step-parent, deal with my crazy ass schedule, & be the sweetest person in the literal universe. She’s reliable and talented and as proud as I am of her, other people have noticed her talent and I am now sharing her! Imagine. My. Dismay.

I’m joking, of course. She’s been killing it consistently doing make up for weddings, boudoir sessions, and everything in between. She’s got a studio in Independence now too so you can make appointments for her to slay your hair and make-up on a day to day basis. I’d trust her with my life which should be the highest honor because I am particular as hell.

When you book with me, you’re 99% of the time getting glammed by Madee. I have another rotation of women who I also love, but I am a total creature of habit. Once I find someone who is amazing, I hold onto that talent hard.

Her lingerie is from Solstice Intimates (the orange), Victoria’s Secret(the pink, her signature color), and Amazon (the green)

I also am integrating an assistant in my sessions this year + an after session questionnaire to help out everyone who is wondering about their own boudoir session.

What made you choose Good Bodies?

Where do I begin? Tayanna is so incredible about including all body types/colors in her portfolio and that has always been what I had looked for in a boudoir photographer. Someone that I knew could make me feel great for my body and not insecure.

What advice do you have for people who want to book a session?

Just do it. Don’t hesitate because you’re body isn’t what you think it needs to be, or because of self doubt or insecurity. I promise you will feel like a beautiful badass when you are done!

What were you the most nervous about?

Feeling confident with my body!

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