Megan is a literal redhead angel and her boudoir session is living, breathing (??) proof of that. She donned my brand new angel wings and the cutest bodysuit I’ve ever seen. (Amazon baybay!) then we rooted through the client closet to find one of my favorite separates that has an interesting fit on most people because of the straps.

As you can tell it fit like a glove on her & the combination of that with the knee highs she brought was absolutely adorable. She put together a Spotify playlist of absolutely delightful music. If you’re into Emo jams from when you were 15, click here.

Madee gave her a perfect, soft pink look to coordinate with her outfit and hair and it was absolutely perfect for the soft, ethereal vibes Megan puts off. Read more below if you’d like to hear how she felt about her session!

What made you pick Good Bodies?

First of all, you are wildly talented and your photos are STUNNING. Secondly, I always hate how I (and my body) look in photos. I over analyze and judge myself too harshly. But when I see a Good Body photo, I never see the “flaws;” I only see strong, beautiful people. I wanted to see myself in that light.

What was your favorite part about your session?

Is “everything” an acceptable answer? All three women in the studio were supportive and kind. I felt like a goddess in the makeup, lingerie, and studio. I had so much fun!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to book a session?

If you’re interested is a session: REACH OUT. Speak with Tayanna or Katie. Message someone who has been in studio. Your concerns and anxiety will melt away.

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