I’m a body positive & inclusivity focused boudoir photographer based in the Greater Kansas City Area. What does this mean? It means my focus is photographing people from all walks of life. This means no matter how you identify, who you love, and how you want to express yourself… I want to photograph you. 

I want to tell your story. I want you to know what you look like through the eyes of others and I want to give you a full service experience like you’ve never had before.

TL;DR - Photographing half nakey and vulnerable people makes me incredibly happy & I’d be stoked if you trusted me with this experience.

HEY, I'm TAy

my favorite things


every breed of dog that fits in a purse. Yes. Really. Even the chinese crested one. ESPECIALLY the chinese crested on.


magic. particularly big illusions, but I'm not picky. I got married this August and right before our speeches we had a magic show. I was elated.


podcasts. particularly true crime ones. Currently obsessed with Let's Go to Court & Casefile: True Crime


breakfast. I don't ever eat it at the right time but nothing's better than eggs, bacon, and panckes. Nothing.


Reading. I've been doing it since I was 3 and I read as much as I humanly can whenever I can.

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