The Mighty Mighty Bosstones is a ska band that I’ve never actually heard, but it’s Elizabeth’s boyfriend’s favorite. So she donned a t-shirt, booked a boudie short, and posed up a storm.

Elizabeth has been my fast best friend since she was one of my first clients back in 2016. It’s crazy to see how I’ve grown in my craft since then and also to think that I can meet some of my favorite people by doing one of my favorite things. Elizabeth is known and loved by everyone from her wit, her big heart, and her meme recall skill. She’s a great mom and a greater friend.

However, it was a little like what I would imagine photographing my own child would be like. She would take five minutes to pose because she was laughing too hard. I would ask her to pose and before she would, I would geta butt wiggle, a sassy comment, or a fake hissy fit. She brought the boss tones shirt and my amazing makeup artist ripped/cut it up to make it seem a little more vintage. She then donned an amazing panty/bra set with a kimono-type shawl. Last was a simple oversized button up. I tell people time and time again that with the right posing, anything can look good, and I’m glad Elizabeth trusted me.

It was perfect for some casual photos, and in some photos that we’ll keep to ourselves, it was sheer so it was able to give slight cover. She even donated the shirt to the client closet! If you’d like a simple look or a way to “sex things up”, try it out! It’s surprising how easy it is to transform a good basic piece.

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones | Boudoir Style

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