Brandi Potter, the queen of light, came to visit me for my wedding in August. While she was here I convinced her to let me play with light in my studio.

Will she kill me for including photos of her smiling in this blog post? Probably. Do I care? Not a bit. Brandi is a secret sweetheart and her work inspires me and pretty much everyone else she comes into contact with. Check out her work on Brandi Potter Photo. She is truly and complete the queen of light and I will continue to call her this until it catches on. I put a little bit of her flavor into these photos as I always want to inject my client’s essence.

My new studio space, Crane Studios, opened up beginning of August and I wanted the ability to see all the capabilities and fun work I could create here. I was given one rule and it was not to make Brandi put her butt in the air. I think we achieved some really fun and moody images for her while still doing some fun and soft-looking photos that show off the studio. we played with light, texture, & she sported my favorite look. Topless with jeans/shorts. It’s always cute and will never, ever, ever go out of style.

I also feel like I have to credit my wonderful assistant for this session. Without Nadine from Just Like Honey, we wouldn’t have had that bit of brainpower needed to get us these wonderful shots as well. When the vintage and obviously amazing nightgown Brandi bought had us both stumped, Nadine automatically had a vision that gave us amazing results. I appreciated being able to take a minute, sit back, and create my general “safe” shots that clients love while also making creative shots.

Thankfully, this gave me some insight into one of my next moves for boudoir. I’ll be incorporating video soon to push myself as well. Can’t wait to see where Crane Studios and my new techniques take me. Thank you for the creativity boost, Brandi.

Ever wanted to learn from Brandi and also get a jump start into boudoir? Keep a lookout because we will host a joint workshop next April!

girl smiling on a mustard couch in a kansas city boudoir session queen of light - white bed boudoir queen of light - tattoo boudoir session tarot cards laid around bed in kansas city boudoir session playing with light and shadows in a boudoir session Queen of Light - Creative Boudoir Photography with shadows Queen of Light - white sheet boudoir with tattoos queen of light - implied nude in sheet boudoir hand bra in shorts with direct sunlight - kansas city boudoir Queen of Light - Creative black shadow boudoir queen of light - hand bra - harsh light and shadows queen of light boudoir - harsh light portrait Queen of light - creative shadows with window light - nightgown boudoir

Queen of Light | Brandi Potter | Kansas City Boudoir

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