Boudoir photography can be an amazing and thoughtful gift for yourself/your partner. Maybe you’ve already considered it, but need some help. That’s where I come in.

Wedding Gift Boudoir - Kansas City Boudoir

Boudoir photography can be a fun, intimate gift for your other half, & if you have even the slightest inclination to do it, I think you should look into it. Generally partners will exchange gifts on their wedding days, although it’s definitely a wedding tradition that you can ditch. However, if it is something you’re interested in… I’ve got some ideas for you!

  • Consider an album – A lot of people have kids and wonder what the hell they’re supposed to do with a giant 30×40 canvas without said kid coming in their room and getting an eyeful of their ass. Fair enough. Leather (or alternative material) items are a hot ticket item as they’re discreet, long-lasting, and super classy. You can get them in colors to match your wedding & you can store them somewhere or take them on the go if your partner works and wants to be reminded of how good you look.
  • A lot of people wonder when to book – Reach out to your photographer! Depending on what products you’re wondering and when you’re getting married, the answer can vary. If you book with me, I’ll always recommend that you book at least 2 months before your wedding. Gives us time to plan, look over your proofs, and get your product back in plenty of time to stash it and have it ready for the big day. Considering a pre-payment plan? (85% of my clients do) You’ll want to book even further than that, but plan on your actual session taking place at least 2 months before. Plenty of time to pay, receive your product and be ready!

(all of Courtney’s lingerie came from Vicky’s Secret!)

  • Your lingerie doesn’t have to be different, but it can be – Some people choose not to wear white for their wedding. For a traditional wedding look, you might want to. You can find white, classic pieces a lot of places, but here’s some of my favorite pieces that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Wedding Bridal Gift - Kansas City Boudoir

This adorable bodysuit from NastyGal!

Wedding Bridal Gift - Kansas City Boudoir

This “bridal” pajama set that isn’t necessarily gender oriented from Fashion Nova

This adorable bra and panty set from Asos Curve!

  • Use it as an excuse to hang out with your best friends! Soon, I’ll officially launch “sisterhood sessions” & if you’d like a fun bachelorette party, hit me up! It’s a good way to hang out, get a mini-boudoir experience and drink + have some photos to remember your night by. There will be 2 main affordable options and will be priced per person! One will even come with one of those neat albums I was talking about.

Promise this isn’t a post to peddle albums, but I’m gonna drop a sample below.


In my humble opinion, no one ever “needs” a “reason” to schedule a boudoir session. They’re perfect for a pick-me-up, birthday celebration, and even just because. However, if you were looking for an excuse… A wedding is a perfect one. You can do them in your home for an extra personal touch or wear your partner’s favorite button down or undies to personalize it even further.

I am always, always, always available for a consult. Let me know if you have an idea and reach out!

Should I Consider Boudoir as a Wedding Gift?

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