Tomboyx Inspired Couples Session

I’m beginning to see a pattern with Kimberly. Her choice in outfits inspire my entire session. First there was Torrid and now there’s Tomboyx.

Kimberly’s first session with me was last year. She came adorned in the cutest Spring attire from Torrid which you can see here. She told me she wanted to come back with her wife in 2020 and we made it happen! This time, we dove headfirst into a Tomboyx inspired couples boudoir session.

I’d never even heard of Tomboyx before and now I want to order every piece that I can get my hands on. It’s comfy, adorable, and they have sizes a lot of other brands don’t have. Besides, I hear so often how hard it is for people who are non-binary to find underwear that is cute and not so damn gender-specific. They run from size XS-4X as of now!

I promise that this post isn’t sponsored. But it could be! 😉

Kimberly and Kanyah have been together for almost six years and if you asked me, I’d wager they’d been in love for all of a year or two. That’s how fun, fresh, and adorable these two are. I would place them in a solid position and tell them to cuddle and just talk and I snapped. It was that easy.

This fall they’re celebrating their marriage anniversary with a Colorado trip & photo session and I swear to God when they mentioned it I turned into that math gif. I wanted to see if I could swindle them into just taking me with them. I am so excited to see what their lucky ass photographer winds up with, to be honest.

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