Have we talked about it enough? The fact that I get a large portion of my clients from getting in with the coolest kids in town on Twitter? I don’t teach that because I don’t know how the fuck I got so lucky, but I just know I did. That includes, without a doubt, the opportunity I had to photograph Twitter’s sweetheart, Stacy.

Stacy was the owner of “One More Cup” in Kansas City. A coffee shop that many frequented and loved. Recently, it closed and Stacy came out the other side still a total badass. We’ve been twitter friends for ages & I felt so blessed to finally be in her presence.

She has this calming energy about her, she is secure in who she is, and she is gorgeous. Everyone who has ever met her has nothing but good things to say about her. Also, fun fact: Would you ever expect her to be a frequent flyer at metal shows?!

The outfits Stacy brought were SUBLIME and they are a good reminder that the perfect lingerie is what feels good to you. This form fitting skirt + the button up and tie combo? AMAZING.

What were you nervous about coming into your session?

Not much, tbh, because I’ve watched your work for a while and everyone always has positive things to say! Just general small nerves about if mine would end up looking as good as all the others I guess. (They did!)

What was your favorite thing about your session?

How easy it all was and encouraging.

Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

Been wanting to work with you for a while. Love your style and body positive attitude!

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