Let me start by saying that this post is not sponsored by Windsor, but it could be. 😉Rebecca used to work for them and became a total Windsor lingerie lover, addict, and spokesperson.

Rebecca, or Bex as she’s lovingly called, is a professional make-up artist in Nashville, TN. We met when she was a bridesmaid for a mutual friend’s wedding I photographed a couple years back. She remembered little old me when she got engaged, and now I’m photographing her wedding! Bex and Ben picked a date in January 2022 for their wedding, so continue to keep your eyes peeled.

Her partner, Ben, drove with her from Nashville to take their engagement photos. Rebecca decided, hey, while I’m there, why not get boudoir photos taken. So, we added it on to their wedding package and knocked them both out in one day. Don’t forget to let me know if you’re a bride and are interested in doing the same!

Obviously, her theme for the day was absolute royalty. She came in with these absolutely magical looking outfits. The bodysuit was from Windsor, the sheer white was from Etsy, & the white separates were from the client closet. She even graciously ended up donating the Windsor bodysuit to the closet after her session!

She also brought a separate outfit with sheer material from Etsy. Nipples have been removed like this is a Fashion Nova website for posterity, but can you believe her tattoos? Can you ever get over her skin? Maybe even her absolutely gorgeous locs? Because I certainly cannot. Anyone who has seen this session since I began to post previews cannot help but call her mutiple celebrity look alikes. I have absolutely no desire to argue with it.

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