Kansas City Couples Boudoir | Grace + Colby

Grace is my assistant. I’ve photographed her and Colby once before. We wanted to prepare for a boudie call, so she let me know “Colby will do anything once.” So, who better to model the epitome of a Kansas City Couples Boudoir session?

Not a single other pair of souls.

Grace is an amazingly organized human with the sunniest disposition in the world. She’s also the best hype (wo)man this world has ever seen. Bringing her onto the team was the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Colby is an Aries ball of energy who fits Grace perfectly. The entire session surrounded his Lasagna fanny pack (lovingly bought by Grace from Stouffers), putting her in a full nelson while I asked for loving hugs, and a bit of an aggressive pillow fight.

Wondering what makes a Good Bodies Kansas City Couples Boudoir session different?

It’s the energy. We are here to have regular fun, sexy fun, and any other kind of fun that you can imagine. We can get as sweet or as spicy as you want.

It’s an amazing way to connect as a couple while having photos of intimacy you may have never considered before. Get a 24×36 of you and your partner cuddling. Put it above your bed.

Do things that push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll be impressed by how good it feels.

Wondering how to get on my calendar for your own session?

It’s simple! We’re in the third month of 2021 and sessions are moving quickly. I have about 12 sessions left for the year. You can fill out the contact form at the link below.

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