Our Top 10 Most Asked Boudoir Questions

  1. What is boudoir?

    Boudoir is a genre of photography that focuses on sensuality, the human body, and self expression. It is an ever-changing genre, but each iteration gets better and better. Most recently it has turned into artistic expression with a focus on body neutrality. The thought that your body and the way you feel about it just exist. No pressure.
  2. I’m not comfortable in lingerie, can I wear something else?

    Totally. That’s one of the best things about boudoir. You are able to make your session match who you are. If you feel sexy and comfortable in a sweater and leggings, wear the sweater and leggings. If you’ve got an old bra that you’ve loved for years, bring it with you! The comfier you feel, the more natural and comfy you’ll look.
  3. I want to keep my photos private, is that an option?

    Yes, yes. 100x yes. You will never feel pressured by me or any member of my team to share your images. There are so many clients who would like to keep their images private for a variety of reasons. Your images are also password protected and a PIN number is given for download in order to give a further layer of privacy and protection.
  1. Do you have payment plans?

    Yes! We try to make booking and paying for your session as pain-free as possible. You can utilize in-house payment plans interest free for 3-12 months. If you have PayPal Credit or AfterPay, you can also use those. APR and approval amounts may vary for PPC and AP.
  2. Where is your studio located?

    We are in the Crossroads area of Kansas City, Missouri. We’re a quick walk away from Dance Fit Flow, Parlor, and Paradise Garden Club.
  3. Will you alter my body in Photoshop?

    Nope! You have the option of adding skin smoothing to your photos at extra cost and basic bruise/blemish retouching is included in your session fee.
  1. Where should I buy lingerie?

    This is my favorite question. I’ve written a blog post with my favorite plus size lingerie pieces and you can also sign up for our lingerie guide at this link. Some of my favorite places are Love Vera, Playful Promises, & Thistle and Spire. I also have a personal shopping upgrade available if you want your own pieces but don’t know where to start.
  2. How many outfits do I get to wear for my session?

    If you book a standard session with me, you can have three total outfits + nude/just the sheet. If you choose not to do nude or just the sheet, three outfits is perfect. For our Opalite sessions you are permitted one outfit + nude/just the sheet or two outfits.
  3. Do you offer digital images?

    I sure do! We offer an all digital package where you receive every edited photo (between 70-100) but you can also add-on your full gallery to any collection.
  4. Is hair and make-up included?

    Yes, always! We have our head make-up artist, Madee, who has been working with us for 6+ years now. She is included in your session fee. We also have 3 other go-to artists that you can pick between if you have a particular look in mind.

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