Anonymous Anniversary Boudoir Session

“I had an absolutely amazing experience with Tayanna at Good Bodies! She made me feel so beautiful and sexy – no matter what size I am – which I loved and appreciated! She is so fun to have session with which is reflected in her photographs. Her products are stellar and I loved the handwritten note that came with them. I can’t wait to book my next session with her!”

I received an e-mail late last year that a client wanted to book with me for her wedding anniversary. She was nervous (which is nothing new) but ready to do something new and fun. She also was looking for a studio she could visit every year so that she could give this gift again and again. She is even willing to let me share from her first session! So, enjoy this anonymous anniversary boudoir session.

The red outfit is the only outfit that cannot be found in the client closet. The client brought it herself. The other two helped complete a perfect triad of what I would call “staple” boudoir colors. White can often be worn for a wedding vibe, which is always great for gifts. Black is “flattering’ and is a classic that looks good on anyone. Red is powerful and is seen as a very sexy color just on its own.

If you’ve ever wondered what other colors of lingerie would look best on you with your skin tone, check out this link.

What were you the most nervous about going into your session?


Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

Being a health at every size and body diversity provider in my professional life, I love the Good Bodies mission. And the photos are beautiful!

What was your favorite part of your session?

Tayanna made me feel so relaxed and not nervous at all. She made me feel beautiful and sexy.

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Want to make the best out of your boudoir session?
Try getting naked!

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