Get Naked for your Boudoir Session

If you want to.

Hear me out.

There’s no need to throw your cat at the camera fully. You don’t have to traipse around nude in the studio (although no one will bat an eyelash if you do. Really. I once had a client build a chair in one of my first studios completely naked. We’re friends now.)

There is something that comes alive in people when naked. My friends with bangs would probably liken it to being one with the universe. I think that makes sense. On the level where I see this 2-3x a week as a photographer, I want to throw another idea out there.

Lingerie is fucking cute. That’s why we wear it. That’s why we do these things. However, they’re still clothes that may or may not fit 100% of the way you want. We have to dig in our asses for wedgies or worry about a lip slip in our bottoms. It’s intimidating.

When you’re naked? All of that disappears. At that point you know that you can’t tuck your stomach inside of yourself. You can’t hide parts of your body that are fundamental to who you are. You’re at peace. You’re free. Plus, unless you’re someone who is regularly uncomfortable nude – we know a lot of us are out here chilling in as little as we can. It just feels right.

I’ve seen people literally shake and throw back shots during their sessions. After an outfit or two, this becomes routine and so many people tell me how comfortable they feel. I can still see them adjusting a strap or making sure their apron belly isn’t showing. Then the magic happens. That all falls away.

All of the sudden, my clients are naked. They are thriving. They are throwing caution to the wind and look so fucking good doing it.

Do me a favor and consider it.

You can always come in the studio and see how you feel after a bit. I will never be offended if you say no. The photos, just like any others, never have to see the light of day on the internet, but maybe it will awaken something in you. At the very least, you can say you tried.

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