Mrs. Marine Badass Boudoir | Genevieve

I am going to do my best to keep this short and sweet and let Genevieve do most of the talking, but DAMN let me tell you that just being around her for a bit was so revitalizing. I had a rough morning but came in and none of that mattered anymore.

Genevieve was a marine and the most amazing part is she has even more badass stories that don’t even involve that time in her life. She’s a loving mother with a partner who seems absolutely made for her and she’s an avid traveler. She came all the way from Texas for her session (and to see some baseball) and even attempted to drive back to pick up her product. I told her of course not, take a break for once and had it shipped with care.

What were you nervous about coming into your session?

How am I suppose to be myself but also be this glammed up confident version of myself? Oh and all those little things I’ve trained myself to try to hide, they are all about to be on full display and I’m going to have to get over that. — so to answer your question I was most nervous of my own mental head space. I was scared I was going to talk myself out of doing it OR I was going to do it but be nervous the entire time and it was going to show in my photos.

Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

I loved the look of Tay’s work. In all the photos I had seen I thought EVERYONE looked powerful, sexy and confident. I needed that in my life. I wanted to remember what younger me felt like all the time. I also loved that there were such a wide range of types of bodies and personalities being captured in her work. I didn’t want to feel like my session was cookie cutter. You could tell she found the best poses for each person’s personality and not just the same 5 things over and over like I had seen with some other photographers.

Would you recommend Good Bodies to a friend?

Most definitely! I’ve already reached out to my friends that have shown interest and added them to the fb group.

What was your favorite part about your session?

Getting to talk with Tay and warm up to everything. There was no “alright, get naked and let’s go!” The flow from hair and makeup with the casual conversations and getting to know each other really made me feel like we had been friends for some time. I went from a “oh no I’m going to be exposed” mentality to ” I’m changing right here, I don’t need a partition!” The best part might be that the confidence I regained during the session has carried on full time in my everyday life after the session.

Any advice for people wanting to book their own session?

Do it. Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. It’ll be so worth it. I would also say be open to trying something new when it comes to the lingere closet. Try on everything that catches your eye, and if it makes you feel good, it’ll come through in your photographs. Don’t be afraid to bring something of your own that you want included in your photos. Accessories are welcomed!

SECOND OUTFIT: Client Closet

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