Niccy is an interior designer in STL and she’s helping my studio dreams come to life. This year, while visiting for my birthday she had her own Fenty boudoir session.

Let me first say that it’s a slight exaggeration. She’s got a couple of Fenty outfits, but the one EVERYONE has been asking about is from Amazon. You can actually find it in my roundup link about my favorite Amazon lingerie.

Read it here!

It’s perfect if you like an open back/butt and it feels more like a bralette so it’s ultra comfy (minus the breeze). Later she slipped into some fenty wear that looks a bit like the famous Calvin Klein fit. Then what went over that? A motherfuckin onesie. She got us matching ones for my brithday and I have never felt so seen.

Niccy’s journey with being herself and loving her body has been magical to watch as her best friend. We met after she left her Catholic school and we ended at the same college. She’s always had a booty to die for and easily gets cat called everywhere. She’s always been comfortable in her own skin, the most responsible human I know and the most compassionate.

Get you a really cool best friend like this because it’s 100% worth it. You will have to live in constant ass envy though and that I do not recommend.

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