Your Good Bodies Boudoir Experience

It dawned on me that a lot of people don’t know what to expect from boudoir sessions.

I decided that I’d put together a blog post I could easily hand over to people who have burning questions. This would be super easy to help outline your entire good bodies boudoir experience from start to finish.

1. Your consult

The first thing people do is fill out my contact form! Once you e-mail me, we’ll send you an e-mail back with a link to schedule a consultation call with my assistant, Grace. Together you’ll pick a collection best for you and then set up payment for your $500 non-refundable booking fee.

2. Make it official!

Once your call is over, you’ll get an e-mail with some steps to complete. Everything we do is done online and takes only a few minutes. You’ll fill out your session contracts and pay that booking fee.

3. Your Payment Options

If you head over to my investment page, you’ll see that my booking fee is $500 and that my average client invests $3500. That’s not a small amount and I get that. Boudoir is an investment in yourself and I mean that in the least amount of “OMG HAVE YOU TRIED THIS NEW CRAZE” way that I can.

I offer payment plans which 80% of my clients use. I don’t want everyone to think that everyone comes in and drops $3500 in cash and doesn’t blink. I do have clients like that, but it isn’t everyone. I have waitresses, servers, lyft drivers, etc.

You can pay with CC, Cash, PayPal Credit, or in-house payment plans. All payment must be completed in order to complete your session.

4. Your Session

You’ll receive an e-mail with my address, preparation tips, and all that good stuff so you know exactly what to expect the day you walk in. I’ll even throw this blog post in there!

When you come up to the studio, we’ll look over your lingerie and get you in the hair & make-up chair. You can come with inspiration, or you can trust my artists to do what would look best! They’re amazing at this and will of course still follow your lead if maybe your look just hasn’t come together in your head yet. This takes 60-90 minutes.

From there, we spend 20-30 minutes in each outfit. I pose you head to toe. If you need to adjust, I’ll adjust you! I have poses that work for everybody type and then every once in a while I’ll get a little zany and try something fun and new. If you’re feeling up to it, at the end we’ll do some nude/white sheet shots.

5. Your Viewing Session

Within 1 week of your session (or same-day if you choose that as your pre-pay perk!) we’ll get together for you to see your images and potential products up close and personal. I’ll prepare 60-100 images for you in a slideshow for you to view. Together we’ll pick homes for the collection you either chose beforehand or will now choose. You can even upgrade if you’d like (and most people usually do) after you see how much you love your images!

Your Good Bodies Boudoir Experience - make up

Boudoir sessions can seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be! Hopefully this helps give you an insight into your day with me and in the studio and how you get on my books!

I’m so excited to answer questions and keep this updated with any questions you may have about having a Good Bodies Boudoir Session, so please! Ask away. Join the Facebook Group as well where so many people ask questions and share their own experiences.

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