Mother of Frenchies | Liyang

I do my best to make the beginning of these blog posts really hit home. I want you to know about the folx I photograph. Liyang is incredibly smart & thoughtful. I also think it’s important you know that she has excellent taste in trash television and is a mother of French Bulldogs.

Before Liyang’s session but after she booked, we found ourselves bonding over 90 Day Fiancé. Which, if you never want me to shut up, that’s a surefire way to do it. My favorite couple is Sexy Alexi and Loren, just by the way.

Then her session came. She’s unbelievably quiet and sweet, but at the same time so very funny and thoughtful. When she came to pick up her album she’d seen in my instagram stories that I suck at making tea (and suck at taking care of my voice with how often this job has me on the phone) so she brought me some.

I absolutely love seeing people come to life during their sessions and Liyang was no different. She threw me those ANTM looks and poses and had fun doing it and I’d gladly photograph her over and over again.

Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

Katie <3 But also the philosophy and diversity in your models/portfolio, being in the FB group is the best, and your studio looked SO cute

What was your favorite part about your session?

How easy it felt! The entire process felt so natural and fun! Also getting sneak peeks so soon and seeing how AMAZING they looked <3 <3

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to book their own session?

Just do it!! It was the best experience ever and I wish I could do a session every week!

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