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Beer Babe Boudoir| Erin

Listen, I’ve known Erin a lot longer than I like to think that I’ve known Erin. We worked together and then I photographed her way back when I first started and now here we are again. She could easily be titled America’s Sweetheart, but I think a more fitting is she’s honestly the embodiment of beer babe boudoir.

Erin works for a local brewery and could sell her ass off if she needed to. She does Crossfit in her spare time, which is why she looks like she can and will fight you, and she’s so damn spunky. I cannot say enough nice things about her. I’ll learn to take a compliment though, and let her say some nice things about me.

(P.S – You’ll see some blogs in the mix from the old studio. What you need to know? Old studio = brick. New studio = big ass mirror and concrete)

What were you most nervous about?

Knowing I was doing a white sheet photoshoot, I was most nervous about being nude!

Why did you choose Good Bodies?

The incredible vibe that Tay conveys from her photos!

What was your favorite part?

Feeling so relaxed and having such a fun time with Tay

Do you have any advice for people wanting to book their own session?

Don’t think about it as a scary/brave thing to do, think of it as a way to celebrate your body

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