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I’m back with another blog post I should have written before I changed studios, but I had to make sure it was available for all to see because Casey is amazing. She’s a KC Family Photographer who is incredible at her job. She recently photographed one of my best friends and I literally cried seeing the images. If you don’t know me, you know I am a very rare crier.

I’ve talked again and again about how photographing talented photographers really fills my cup (because they question nothing and usually even come with their own badass ideas) & how terrifying it is hoping they’ll love their end result.

She left her job in mental health (and honestly just talking to her, I could feel that energy you get from people who do that all day) and I feel for the clients who won’t get to witness her greatness, but the work she’s doing otherwise is simply amazing.

Please check out Casey’s work here if you’re looking for someone who can capture your family at its most authentic and wonderful. You won’t regret a single minute of it.

Her wonderful review:

“1. Tay’s pictures are incredible
2. Tay as a person is incredible
3. My whole experience during my boudoir session was incredible

As an adult, my weight has been all over the place and as a way to be at peace with who I am now, I booked a boudoir session with Tay. She makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the door and hypes you up the entire session to let you know gorgeous you are. I left feeling incredible and even more so after I saw my images. Thanks again Tay!”

Check out this other session from the old studio
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