Excuses, excuses (Boudoir Edition)

You open up your computer or phone browser. You type in “boudoir photographers near me”, but the minute you start to imagine yourself in the photos – your brain starts chattering away. It gives you excuse after excuse as to why you’re different. Your brain lies and tells you that you can’t do it. If you’d like to tell that brain to shut up and take a back seat, here’s some common excuses I hear, and why I think you should do it anyway.

Boudoir Session Excuse #1 – “I won’t look as good as the folks you post”

Just about every single person you see on my website or social media has thought this. I don’t photograph models. I photograph everyday folks who hold the same insecurities that you do. They think they’ll look or feel ridiculous, but the most ridiculous thing you could do is to not try. It’s a leap of faith, but it’s one that could change your entire perspective of yourself.

Boudoir Session Excuse #2 – “I don’t have anyone to give the photos to”

spoiler alert: yes you do. Yourself. Having a partner to drool over the photos is a nice bonus, but what about having a reminder of how badass you are just because? A photo of your favorite part of yourself hanging over the bathtub every time you relax. An album to pick up and thumb through whenever you just need to remind yourself how powerful you are.

Boudoir Session Excuse #3 – “I can’t afford it”

I will never tell anyone what they can and can’t afford. I’m not in your wallet, I’m not your financial advisor, I am just someone who cares about my clients. You can’t make money appear, but if what you really mean is “I can’t prioritize this right now”, consider taking advantage of our custom payment plans. I see a lot of folks in the service industry who will pay gradually with tips, I see folks who will use a 12-month plan because they know they want the best and are willing to pay for that. We also accept AfterPay & PayPal credit.

Boudoir Session Excuse #4 – “I don’t want anyone else to see the photos”

That’s all you’ve got to say. End of discussion. You have the absolute right to keep your photos private. After your session, I come home, download your images, back them up to the cloud, then I edit them. When you choose to receive digital copies, they are uploaded to an online gallery that is password-protected and has a numerical code that you’ll also need to download them. If you only purchase products, those images live on my secure server only as a way to access them if you need them down the line.

Boudoir Session Excuse #5 – “I don’t have the time ”

A session with me from start to finish is approximately 3 hours. If you want, you can head back to work right after with a full glam face. Your reveal can be done from your home computer or tablet and takes approximately one hour. Once your products come in, I can deliver to your home, or we can meet up at our studio in the crossroads for a quick handoff.

Boudoir Session Excuse #6 – “I need to lose weight ”

I assure you, you do not. If anything, this session is going to be a snapshot in time. Whoever you are right now is enough and that person deserves love and respect. Think of it as someone else you love telling you they aren’t (insert adjective) enough to do something exciting. Think of telling them they’re not doing great. That you’ll breathe down their neck and bully them until they’re where they want to be. Hard to imagine, right? Because it’s nonsense. Don’t do it to yourself, either.

Boudoir Session Excuse #7 – “I don’t know anything about being sexy ”

False. You absolutely do. We all do. Because sexy is not just one thing. Some people find the way other eat cereal sexy. It’s all relative. If you come in and find the ability to just let go, you’ll be able to find and celebrate your very own brand of sexy. And you may be surprised as to what that entails.

Boudoir Session Excuse #8 – “The thought of shopping for lingerie overwhelms me ”

I’ve got the best news. One of the reasons Good Bodies is so sought after in the Kansas City area for a boudoir session is our extensive lingerie collection. We hold over 200 pieces in our client closet sizes S-6X.

We even have personal shopping options if you want the lingerie but don’t want to do the work. You can come into the studio and wear anything off the rack, or I can send over an in-depth questionnaire and get back to you within 2 weeks with 10-20 options for you to choose from for purchase in your budget for your boudoir session.

Did these explanations help with any of your doubts? Are you ready for your own session?

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