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Lingerie has always been a barrier for folks when it comes to booking a boudoir session. So many people think “I won’t look as good as others do” or “The thought of shopping when I don’t know what I’m doing is overwhelming”. We agree. It can absolutely be overwhelming, it can be a complete barrier to boudoir, and it is not something a lot of folks wanna do. So, we decided to do something about it. Introducing Personal Lingerie Shopping with Good Bodies.

We’ve put together two personal lingerie shopping experiences and one add-on that goes perfectly with personal shopping or that can be used if you just plan on relying on our expansive, Good Bodies client closet.

Option One: The Complete Personal Lingerie Shopping Experience

I get it, everyone has different budgets and priorities when it comes to their boudoir session. With this experience, I take all of the hard work out of choosing your lingerie outfits. You’ll provide your overall budget, your measurements, your street sizes, and things like your favorite colors, styles, etc. I will send you a list of the pieces I’ve chosen and once approved, I will buy and send you the pieces for you to try on. It will be your responsibility to do any exchanges or returns if the pieces do not work, but we can adjust and fine-tune as needed.

Lingerie pictured comes from Playful Promises, Cacique, SavagexFenty, AdoreMe, Fredericks, & Torrid

Option Two: The Personal Lingerie Shopping Curated List

Similar to the complete experience, your curated shopping list is created with your styles, sizing, etc. in mind. You’ll receive a personalized PDF of at least 10 different pieces that fit your specified requirements. You can provide a budget based by piece, or give me an overall budget and I will make it easy for you to plug and play with any three outfits to bring into your session. This option is perfect for folks who like the idea of shopping for their own lingerie, but need a bit of a nudge or a place to look.

Option Three: In-Studio Lingerie Try-On Sessions

Last, our third option is a simple in-studio try on. Our notorious Good Bodies client closet has around 300 pieces in sizes S-6X. With the amount of things that are retired, get rips in them, etc. it is simply impossible for us to photograph the pieces and keep them organized in a way that clients can virtually experience. Therefore, you now have the ability to add a try-on session. You’ll fill out your pre-session questionnaire, come into the studio at least 3 weeks before your session, try on our available pieces, and head home with your new-found knowledge!

Trying on outfits can help you figure out fits, styles, cup sizes, and so much more. I always recommend folks bring a couple of outfits in the very rare case that they cannot find something they love and this just gives you a little bit more of that empowerment and information up front.

There you have it! Our new personal lingerie shopping options! I have been so excited to introduce this since I originally got the idea. Especially with the knowledge that no other Kansas City Boudoir Studio is doing this. The most common thing I hear from our boudoir clients is how intimidated they are by the strappy, sexy nature of lingerie.

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