Boudoir Model Release Types – Which should I choose?

If you know me, you know I love to send a thorough blog post to answer very common questions. At Good Bodies, Grace, Haley, & I get a lot of questions about the difference between our model release options. Boudoir model release types vary between photographers, but when it comes to Good Bodies, here’s how it all works.

When you initially book a session with us, you receive a contract and pre-session questionnaire. Your contract initially includes a model release with a contingency based on your questionnaire. This means I refer to your questionnaire and the back up permission comes from your contract. Easy, right? Revoking and giving permission is always an option.

Full Model Release

A full model release gives me permission to post any and all photos for your session. Obviously, I love these because it means I get to share your photos and it can give courage to others to come in and book a session with me as well. The studio manager will take behind the scenes photos appropriate for Instagram, and you might see your photos/experience in a reel or tiktok!

Best for: People who give no fucks, Entrepreneurs who make their own rules, non-public facing jobs

Anonymous Model Release

Anonymous releases are best for folks who still would love to share their photos but wouldn’t like their face attached to it. These can be photos focusing on your outfit/body, heavily shadowed photos, or detail shots. We’ll ask if it’s okay to post behind the scenes photos that are anonymous as well for Instagram!

Best for: Teachers, Parents with older kids who are nervous, Lawyers, public-facing jobs, and wedding gifts

Selective Model Release

Selective releases are for folks who have a curated online presence and would like to control exactly how they are perceived online. You’ll get to choose exactly what photos I put online by making a favorites list for me that I will download and throw into my personal files as “approved for social media”. We’ll ask if you’re okay with behind the scenes photos and videos for tiktoks and reels.

Best for: Influencers, Therapists, and any of the folks that would also lean towards an anonymous release

No Model Release

Identifying that you would like to sign a “no release” release might feel redundant, but it’s for both of us. No release means that I won’t post any photos of you regardless of your face being in the photos. No behind the scenes photos or videos will happen on your day.

Best for: Literally anyone who doesn’t want their photos taken, but also teachers, lawyers, folks gifting boudoir as wedding gifts, etc.

Boudoir model release types are a personal decision. The “best for” is just a suggestion for the folks I’ve had come in and out of the studio up to this point.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail:

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