5 Common Boudoir Client Mistakes

When you invest in a boudoir session, you are generally investing in an experience. Your photographer has curated a vibe and expectation of service so the best thing you can do is give yourself the best before care and after care to keep the vibes immaculate. So, here’s 5 common boudoir client mistakes and a little advice on how to correct them.

1. Not reading the prep instructions your photographer sends you

Here’s a sneak peak into only one of the several ways we prep you for your session here at Good Bodies. We’d rather over-communicate than under communicate and we hope that you read all that we give so that you feel empowered, prepared, and excited for your session. So do us a favor and even if you think you don’t need to read it? Give our prep information a once over.

2. Allowing unsupportive people to be a part of your boudoir experience

This one can be really hard for people (myself included) because there are people in our lives that we all think by default should be supportive of our decisions. We reach out to a sibling or a best friend or a mentor and are continuously rejected by them. Then you do this thing for yourself that is a serious investment but those people aren’t excited for you. They tell you it’s a waste of money or that you don’t look good in a piece of lingerie that you spent hours deciding to buy. You ask your partner to sit with you during your reveal but they spend the entire time picking apart parts of your body that you loved before they opened their mouths.

This session is for you and it’s important that you only let folks who are incredibly supportive be a part of this experience with you. “No.” is a complete sentence if they try to butt in, or keep this as a little secret for yourself.

3. Consuming mind-altering substances before your session

You want to be as clear-headed as possible during your boudoir session. We will be doing a lot of stretching and the basis of your posing is being able to follow directions. Being drunk or high makes that a lot more difficult. If you need to take the edge off, take care of it before you get to the studio, but I promise the process is a lot less scary than it seems. We’ll be laughing and talking like old friends by the end of your session.

4. Wearing lingerie you don’t like in order to please others

It is always a sweet gesture when someone cares enough about you to pick out lingerie they think you would like. However, it can become an issue when it’s time for your session. The piece may not photograph well, it may be uncomfortable for you to wear or just not your kind of sexy at all.

Thankfully, I’ve got a lingerie guide you can sign up for that will help you with your decision-making process and if someone wants to buy you something, maybe you can surf together. If you just have to have a photo in a piece you don’t love, let me know and we’ll take a couple of quick shots and then get into something that suits you better.

Also, most people find something they love in the client closet. We’ve got 250+ pieces for a reason, y’all. Take that stress out of your session if you’d like or just bring back up pieces just in case!

5. Crash dieting before your session

I’m a repeat offender of this. I freak out and re-remember my weight for some reason and I think to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if I lost 20 pounds before my session?” and then I realize that’s just not what I look like and why would I purchase an experience for myself only to not look like myself? At that point, who are the photos for?

So just-… don’t. Skip the crash dieting, moisturize, eat three square meals and show up as glowing and radiant as you always are. You’ve earned it.

Phew, that was heavy, right? A lot of things to unpack and a lot of behaviors to unlearn, but you can do it. When you’re making an investment – you want to do it right. You want to have immaculate vibes. So take these 5 common boudoir client mistakes and write them down. Commit them to memory. Share with a friend.

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