What to look for in a boudoir photographer

In this pandominium, more and more photographers are moving towards boudoir. It’s something we can control and it’s safer than being indoors with 100 wedding guests. However, that means there are a ton of photographers you can choose from now. So how the hell are consumers supposed to know what to look for in a boudoir photographer? I’ll do my best to guide you.

Do they photograph people that look like you?

Representation matters. If you scroll through someone’s instagram, twitter, blog, etc. and don’t see a single person who has your skin tone or body shape, they may not be the photographer for you. That isn’t a hard and fast rule by any means. However, as a client/consumer myself, I am weary to pay anyone large sums of money if I can’t be sure they would do me justice.

Does their style suit your needs?

There are photographers who can do the deep, sexy, moody tones. There are photographers who photograph folks happy with light and bright colors. There are people who do both in a single session. What works best for you? Are you a person who smiles a lot and wants to have some of those smiling moments or do you want all sexy business all the sexy time?

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Do you share the same moral values?

This may not seem like a big deal, but some others may know where I’m going with this. I try to spend my money in specific places. You will be spending several hours planning, being photographed naked, and spending a considerable amount of money with this person. Therefore, it’s imperative that I believe in this person. I want them to also believe that black lives matter and that sex work is real work. It’s important to me that if I’m trusting someone with a camera when I’m at my most vulnerable, that I know the general kind of person they are.

What do their reviews say?

Every once in a while, people have a bad day. You’re not looking to see if someone has one or two poor reviews. What you’re looking for are patterns. Those patterns can be positive or negative. Google reviews highlight key words for you as well. Is the photographer repeatedly reviewed as making people feel comfortable and confident? Maybe that’s exactly what you need. On the other hand, you could want someone with lots of reviews with the keyword “sexy”.

Will you get what you pay for?

You can find boudoir photographers who charge $500 and you’ll get all the images, sure. Some people may even prefer the experience of going in getting photos and leaving. However, is that the experience you want?

A quick look at reviews along with the photographer’s own detail of what kind of experience you get will help you decide what you need. To help you out, here’s a little tase of things they might provide that you didn’t even know you cared about.

  • same day viewing vs viewing at a later date
  • provided client closet vs only using your own
  • products to display in your home or archive your images vs digital files only
  • payment plans vs pay in full only

It can be hard to wade through all the talented people in your hometown (or afar) to find someone whose views, budget, style and reviews match up to what is in your head. Hopefully this gave you a good place to start on your journey to finding your own photographer.

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