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I’ve gotten to teach and support and love on some incredible boudoir photographers in my career. Jessica is, by far, one of the hardest working and most “on her shit” photographers I’ve ever gotten the pleasure to know. She’s already a local legend in her South Carolina town for being the most badass luxury wedding photographer in the area.

Now she’s taking the boudoir world by storm. Her business is focused on photographing humans across the gender spectrum, she’s got an impressive client closet on the rise, and she brings her unique light and airy style straight to every client she gets to meet. I suggest you go and take a look at her work here.

Her yellow outfit was mine that I brought from home, but it’s from Love Vera.
The white outfit is from Fredericks of Hollywood.
The black outfit is from either Fredericks or Fashion Nova, we’ve had it for a while.

Why did you choose Good Bodies?

Well, you know, Tay’s the best in the nation.

Wait, you didn’t know? WELL LET ME TELL YA, they are incredible. I’ve been photographed by many, many photographers and walked away from my session with some of my most favorite photos of myself in a long, long time.

What was your favorite part about your session?

Seeing my images after my session and feeling confident I really did look as hot and alluring as I felt in the studio. There’s magic in seeing yourself in a moment you felt alive and confident, and Tay captured that.

Do you have advice for other folks wanting to book their session?

It’s worth it. You deserve to invest yourself and have a wonderful morning that’s just for you. I purchased this session a birthday present to myself, and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.

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