Horror Babe Kansas City Boudoir Experience | Chasity

How I love Chasity, let me count the ways. This girl came into the studio and we were instant friends. Her horror movie inspired sleeve, her absolutely beautiful spirit and her sense of humor are top tier. This session was her second, as she has become one of my regulars here and I hope it never, ever changes. I even got the bodysuit version of the bow outfit she is wearing! I’ll be peppering some of her tips for your own boudoir session in between these photos, so stay tuned for this horror babe Kansas City boudoir experience!

The review:

Tay is incredible – let’s start there. The energy, the openness, the inclusivity, the desire to truly make humans feel good about themselves, the dance moves, the laughter, the motivation, all of it. Tay is an amazing human and even more incredible photographer.

I have done two shoots with Good Bodies and both have been equally impressive. The minute you are greeted at the door to the minute you leave will be nothing short of a GREAT TIME. We laughed, we danced, I vented, she listened, we both tried new things… it was everything I could want and then some. Doing a shoot with good bodies feels like having a slumber party with your best friend and biggest cheerleader. There really is no better way to put it. The whole experience leaves you filled with joy, radiating confidence, and feeling like the BADDEST version of yourself.

Do it – seriously.

Lingerie from Torrid!

  1. BOOK THE SHOOT! – that’s it, that’s the biggest most important, number 1 on the list piece of advice. Stop thinking about it, stop saying “when I lose weight”, “when I feel better about myself”, “when I look like xxxxxx”, “when I…” whatever you are waiting for, stop waiting and just do it. You deserve the experience, the self love, the amazing vibes, the fun, and the beautiful pictures.
  1. Drink water – you want to make people thirsty, not look thirsty. Hydrated skin looks and feels better, and that starts with hydrating from the inside out.
  2. Lotion – Back to being hydrated lotion on the day of, ESPECIALLY if you have tattoos. We all know our tattoos looooooove a good moisture boost to really shine.
  1. Try on any outfits you are bringing to the shoot before the day of. You don’t have to bring your own, the client closet is full of so so many choices, but if you are bringing your own you want to know it is something you will feel good in. So, try it on, dance around in the mirror, move around the house… make sure it feels good on your skin and fits in a way you feel happy with.
  2. Want to try something “out of the ordinary” or something you haven’t seen in other pictures Tay has posted? Tell them. Bring it up. I wanted to bring some bondage stuff, whips, and a riding crop. I reached out to Tay, Tay was down, we had a blast.
  1. The morning of your shoot you better S T R E T C H. Boudoir poses will have you all over a bed, a chair, a couch, the floor, the wall, your knees, your back, your butt, your stomach… all the places in all the ways. (with modifications for any physical limits because Tay gets it of course) So you want to make sure to give your body a good warm up and get those muscles ready to do some work.
  2. Communicate – this is important. During your shoot when you are posing if something hurts, isn’t comfortable, doesn’t feel right, whatever it is talk about it. Tay is awesome about helping you find what works for your body. I have SEVERAL physical limitations, but we worked around them and my pictures are HOT. There is always a way to make it work for you.

8. Lastly – because I like even numbers, and because it is my favorite piece of advice: Make a playlist of music that makes you feel hyped up, makes you feel sexy, gives you that want to dance around in your underwear feeling. Listen to that playlist on your way to your shoot. I like thinks like Halestorm, In This Moment, ETC…. but you do you. It helps calm the nerves and makes you feel GOOD going into it.

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