Aerin + Jessica | Couples Boudoir Session

Please welcome to the blog, Aerin and Jessica! These two met at culinary school and have been together for about 15 years. This session was a celebration of their love in general but we were able to capture all the special parts of their relationship, like the sweet snuggles, the booty grabs (and wiggles!), and the art of Shibari.

Take a page out of Jess and Aerin’s book and treat yourself to a day date after your boudoir session! You’ll already be with your favorite person *and* have your hair and makeup done so all you have to worry about is having fun.

Client Review

I wasn’t sure if the other reviews about how the sessions feel like a sleepover or like chatting with a good friend would be true but the hype is real and then some!

My partner and I had a fantastic experience. So much so that after we were talking about wanting to do another. The pictures taken were stunning and there is no need to worry about posing or figuring out what to do, you’re guided in a friendly and gentle way the whole time.

Little piece of advice, plan a day out after! Your hair and makeup will be done and you’ll feel confident.

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session?

For Jess, it was worrying about making sure I had no hang nails, to be groomed how I wanted, making sure skincare/blemishes were in check, etc.

Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

I wanted an openly queer and body-positive focused environment for myself (Jess), and especially for my partner to be involved was an absolute must. I found Good Bodies through Instagram posts from other local folks and the idea of having a luxury boudoir experience that also had the environment I wanted was a must-do for me.

What was your favorite part about your session?

I loved feeling like I wasn’t completely on my own when it came to the direction of the photos or posing. I think a lot of hang-ups about taking photos is literally not knowing how to pose or how to face the camera in a way that is flattering. Also, having time with hair/makeup and being able to chat a bit during that time made going into taking pictures a lot less scary.

Do you have any advice for people looking to book their own session?

I’d encourage folks to have a leisurely day out afterward. I took a whole day off work and it was an A+ idea. I also think not to worry about expectations or big ideas. It’s more about celebrating yourself and your body, so less is more in my opinion for a first-timer. Also, having at least 1 or 2 outfits of your own pieces of lingerie that you are comfy with if you’re the type that -hates- shopping and feels weird about their body when trying on multiple outfits at a time.

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