Badass Navy Babe | Hannah S.

I already droned on about this a bit on instagram, but I think it bears repeating that Hannah is one of the sweetest souls on earth and getting to photograph her in any capacity would be exciting, but watching her get comfy in front of the camera was cool as hell.

Hannah and I went to high school together and were even in the marching band together, so it was also great to catch up, talk about life since school, and hear that Hannah went into the Navy after school. She was incredibly kind enough to answer some questions about her session and share some of her favorite photos from the session.

Check it out below!

The Review:

“I so appreciated Tayanna’s natural ease and kindness as she guided me through each position! And OMG her makeup/hairstylist! I was absolutely blown away when I saw myself on the mirror! Loved laughing and having fun with you all! <3”

Why did you choose Good Bodies?

I chose Good Bodies because I’d seen soany amazing reviews from so many kind people I’ve met over the years. Mutual friendships really helped me know this was vibe.

What was your favorite part of the session?

Omg the plants haha! Just kidding! Surprisingly, I really loved how freeing and smoking hot I felt in the white sheet photos!! I’m so glad I got up the nerve!

Do you have any advice for folks looking to book their own session?

You’ll have so much fun! If you have doubts, I highly recommend reflecting on “why”, as most reasons end up being “I’m not good enough” excuses, and we all know that’s bullsh!t.

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