Fat Camp | A Camp for Fat Folks in Kansas

I watched Heavyweights as a kid and I’ve been mad about it ever since.

Fat Camp is the brain child of myself and Corissa from Fat Girl Flow. In 2022 we were more desperate than ever for human contact and connectivity. So we put our heads together and made a spot for fat folks to just exist in nature for a few days. Fat Camp is everything. A place to meet new friends. An adult sleep away experience. An entire fucking community.

We had about 35 campers, 2 nights, 3 days, and one giant pool party for folks who wanted to dip their proverbial toes into Fat Camp without staying overnight with us.

A Quick Fat Camp Break-down

Day one, campers came and we administered Covid tests to do our part to keep campers safe during check-in. We were able to get an amazing bulk of tests in that made things so easy. Afterward, campers got their swag bags (see below), snacks, and cabin assignments.

Once everyone was settled, we met back up for dinner and a quick round the table “get to know you” round so that everyone could know who exactly they’d be spending the weekend with. It was heartfelt and adorable.

When Saturday came around, we made a delicious breakfast and then headed out to do guided Yoga. After yoga, we had our second annual Good Bodies Pool Party and even though it rained a bit, it didn’t stop us. We danced to some good tunes, ate some catered lunch, and then when it was evening, we made s’mores and friendship bracelets for our last night.

We stayed up so damn long and had so many laughs and hugs and it was honestly just incredible. You’d have to be there to really soak up the good-ass vibes.

When Sunday came, we lingered. There were hugs, tears, and a real sense of accomplishment that Corissa, J, me, and the other helpers had. We’d fucking done it. And we decided to keep doing it.

What’s new for Fat Camp 2023?

Literally so much. Tickets go on sale for last year’s campers on January 14th. New campers will be able to sign up on January 16th.

  • We added one more day
  • We’re adding a VIP ticket to hang with us in the lounge!
  • Camp Counselors
  • We’re bringing Body Language to camp!
  • A Fat Babe Calendar we’ll be creating AT camp
  • Fully catered meals

So if you’re curious about the camp experience and want to come with us in 2023 (we’ll be doing it right back where we were last year in a little Kansas town), check out our website so you’re the first to know!

Sign up for Fat Camp News Here!

Photos of the pool party taken by Adri Guyer!

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