How to Prepare for your Boudoir Session

There are usually a lot of feelings leading up to the day of your boudoir session. There may be some excitement, anxiety, and even a little bit of relief knowing you’re going to be doing the damn thing, finally. Here are some of my favorite advice so you can prepare for your boudoir session.

Groom yourself to your liking

Your boudoir session, your business. If you like keeping a 70s porn bush, then you should sport one at your session (if you want). If you like being a smooth baby seal, then you should head over to your waxer before your session. May I recommend my favorite sugar waxer in Kansas City? Check out Ashley with beYOUtify!

Use your session as an “excuse” to pamper yourself.

You’re going to be in professional hair and makeup, most likely. You’re going to be decked out in some cute outfits. Why not also go get your nails done? Go buy some new earrings. Treat yourself.


Wear loose fitting closing on the way to your session

You don’t want lines across your body in all of your images because you had something on that left a pattern or texture on your body. So put on a cozy sweatsuit set, or a sundress in the warm weather. That’ll make things easier for the both of us as your session begins.


I cannot emphasize this enough. Don’t “shred” for anything. Drink PLENTY of water. You don’t want to be sluggish, hangry, sick, etc. on the day of your session. We’re going to be moving our bodies. You’ll also be bending your body in what are probably unfamiliar ways. Being well rested, hydrated, and fed is going to go a long way. Trust me.

Make sure your pre-session questionnaire is filled out in a timely manner

Try to have your questionnaire filled out within a few weeks of your session. This way if you have any special requests (like a different HMUA, or specific lingerie), I can do my best to fulfill them or discuss them with you. Your questionnaire is the jumping off point for a lot of your session and it helps me be as prepared as I can be.

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