My 2021 Boudoir Session | Indium Boudoir

Every year I have a boudoir session done. Boudoir is a luxury. One that I am asking people to invest thousands in. I am asking people to leave their insecurities at the door and party with me. So I think it’s best to put my money where my mouth is. Here is a look at my favorite photos from my 2021 boudoir session.

If you’d like to check out my session from last year click here. My photos were taken by Cheyenne Gil in Philadelphia, PA.

This year I made good on a Black Friday deal I grabbed from Indium Boudoir. As of right now, my photo is even featured on the front page of her website. Hell yeah!

This last year has made changes in my body. Changes I’m nervous about and am self conscious about but it will just take time. All good things do. Thankfully, I have been able to remain fairly healthy and my clients who have come to the studio have gone above and beyond to help keep me safe.

My session with Indium was this summer and I had let my guard down for a bit and it was one of my first and only trips out of the house. Everything got to feel normal for a bit.

Why Did I Choose Indium?

I have a long list of photographers who I would love to photograph me. Indium doesn’t photograph a lot of people that look like me, but that intrigued me more. Of course, when you are spending $4,000, you want to know your investment is sound. I was nervous, but I trusted her and am glad I did.

We talked shop a bit, I got to meet her sister (who is her make up artist and is a doll) and she played Childish Gambino radio for me so I stopped to dance it out a few times. We finished a little late because I had a good time hanging out and I got a BEAUTIFUL album that I have literally put on my coffee table, I got a metal print for my bathroom, and I got a box of beautiful prints.

Who is next?

I am hoping that this year on Black Friday, I will grab a session from Karla Mason. One, because I’d love a chance to hang out with my friend. Two, because I DO see people that look like me quite frequently and she’s fucking amazing.

I know last year I had something profound to say about how I’ve changed, but honestly… This time, I just want to share my photos. Everything has made me anxious lately. I am a person who needs control and isn’t getting it. So instead I’d just like to be visibly hot.

Warning, my boobies are at the end of this. If you don’t like seeing nudity, don’t scroll all the way to the bottom.

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