session tips

How to Prepare for your Boudoir Session

There are usually a lot of feelings leading up to the day of your boudoir session. There may be some excitement, anxiety, and even a little bit of relief knowing you’re going to be doing the damn thing, finally. Here are some of my favorite advice so you can prepare for your boudoir session. Groom […]

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Real Clients

Professional Boudoir Client | Tiffany

I wasn’t Tiffany’s first or even second boudoir session. She’s traveled around Kansas City and has hit up several of the most talented boudoir studios. I recognized her from my mentee’s page, Wmnknd! Tiffany went all in on this session. Huge album, huge wall art, full digitals. She absolutely knocked it out of the park […]

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Why I Photograph Boudoir

Boudoir is such a personal experience, even for the folks who photograph it. We’ve all grown up with diet culture and we’ve all processed it differently. We all have different relationships with our bodies. Just like life, there is no one set experience. Growing Up I had a lot of important messages impressed on me […]

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