What makes Good Bodies different?

There are so many talented Kansas City Boudoir Photographers. People that we gladly refer potential clients to when we don’t think our style or mission will suit the person and the goals they’re chasing. We don’t modify our client’s bodies at all or do a lot of prop posing and there’s nothing wrong with wanting it. That’s just not us.

So what is us? Keep reading to find out! We’re excited to dazzle you and show you why we’d be the best fit for you.

The Good Bodies Client Closet

Four images stitched together of the Good Bodies client closet sizes extra small to 6X

We are frequently told that one of folks biggest draws to the Good Bodies studio is our client closet. I think it’s safe to say it’s the biggest and most size inclusive in KC. With 300+ pieces in sizes XS-6X we have a little bit of something for everyone. We always recommend to bring a good back-up just in case but chances are, we’re gonna find something for you.

Love the idea of shopping for lingerie? We’ve got a guide just for you. Click here to be directed!

Our Furniture

A pulled back view of Good Bodies's boudoir studio showing the bed and couch

In order to accommodate clients of all different sizes, we put a lot of thought into our studio. Every piece of furniture that a client sits or lays on is rated for at least 400 pounds. We don’t want for anyone to be nervous when posing on our furniture. However, accidents happen and anything used frequently over time has the potential to break. If you break something – we’ll just order a new one. That’s life!

We’re a Trauma-Informed Studio

One of our proudest moments is committing to a several month long program in order to improve the experience for boudoir clients. We think it’s so important to reduce harm in our studio and in the boudoir world itself. We have questionnaires to take off the pressure of the “harder” questions we ask and recognize that some folks need special care/attention during their sessions and we work hard to provide that.

We do our best to make all parts of your session feel safe, collaborative and full of consent.

We Photograph Everyone

Folks from all walks of life are welcome in our studio. We want everyone across the gender, nationality, mobility, race, etc. spectrum to feel good coming in and having a really great and maybe vulnerable time with us.

A lot of folks don’t photograph specific groups of folks for many reasons and we’d like to be a welcome reprieve from that. Know that you’re safe and wanted here always.

We Embrace “Imperfection”

When you come into our studio, we’re not hiding ANY of it. We want to highlight your rolls, your curves, your stretch marks, your dimples, your everything. We also really mean that shit. With Good Bodies there is no such thing as “shredding for the wedding” or anything even close to that. We want you as you are.

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