Book it. Now. | Crystal B.’s Boudoir Experience

Crystal (she/they) is a published author, has a PhD, and is just overall way cooler than anyone I’ve maybe ever met. From our consultation, I already knew we’d get along well, but when Crystal walked into our studio we realized just how much we truly have in common. From our partners to our emotional support water bottles and a similar sense of humor – our session took a little longer because we spent a lot of time just vibing together. When we left, Crystal told me I was her friend now, and to be honest, I had also already decided that as well.

Client Review

This experience was transformative and life giving in ways I can’t even describe. The space, fire. The folks, fire. The jokes, terribly amazing. The photos, there is no language in the human tongue of how amazing the photos Tay took of me are. I cried when I saw some proofs. If you are on the fence about doing this, do it. You owe this gift to yourself.

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session?

Making sure I shaved properly, tbh. I didn’t want to have a second afro hanging out in the photos…. But then I got over it.

Why did you choose Good Bodies for your session?

I saw Tay on Instagram and immediately was like, I want to do this with her. The vibe. The body liberation. And the weird reels sold me.

What was your favorite part about your session?

Umm all of it. Maybe how comfortable Grace and Tay made me feel

Do you have any advice for people looking to book their own session?

Book it. Now.

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