Haley’s Sweet & Spicy Disco Boudoir Session

Haley has been with us for a little over a year. We share an enneagram and an unhealthy love for TikTok. She is also absolutely excellent at matching lingerie to our clients when they come into our studio. She has been handling all of our behind-the-scenes and posing videos for the reels our audience has grown to love.

One day she posted on Twitter that I should just hire her. I did and never looked back. Haley recently found an amazing full-time job that she will start in the coming days which means her time with us has come to an end, but hopefully she’ll continue her annual tradition of coming in and working with su!

What was the last song you added to the Good Bodies Spotify playlist?

Yuck by Charli XCX

What was your favorite session outfit?

My favorite outfit was my vintage nightie/cape. It was so fun and feminine compared to my others and allowed for both more covered and more revealing poses. Tay got to be a little creative and try some new things with me too since I’ve been the little studio guinea pig for a while now. Getting out the backdrop for some more dramatic shots in that piece was so fun, and they’re some of my favorites!

What was your favorite part of your session?

Being able to bring what I wanted to the session in both my outfits and some posing ideas, and feeling fully prepared to go a little out of the ordinary since it was my third shoot with Tay and I’d been working in the studio for a while. Being on the other side of the camera instead of snagging sneaky ig shots was a reminder of how much fun it really is.

If you could repeat this experience, what would you change?

Well, I wouldn’t have worn a set that was too small just because I loved it so much. I may have torn the underwear mid-shoot (I definitely tore the underwear mid-shoot). Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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